Circular reveal activity

So last time we’ve covered how to make the simple circular reveal animation. Today I’m gonna write post about how to deal with ADHD. Aahh I’m just kidding… I love to joke around. Today we gonna create reveal animation for activities not just lame views. And Yes those are activities!

I know what you are thinking now. “Wow, alexandrius you are so smart”. “OMG alexandrius you are the best”. Yeah, yeah I know…

Ok let’s rock!

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Lollipop circular reveal

Yeah, yeah everyone has done one about this topic and I suck. I got it OK?

This tip is about creating cool loading progress view and reveal animation

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Blog Alive

Long time I have been planning to create a blog and post some tips about Android development. So yeah I finally did it. I’m an Android developer for like 3 year now. So yeah… let’s get it started.

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